November 4, 2013
Event Calendar
Farmers Alley Theatre
November 1-17
Saturday, 11am
Civic Auditorium
Thursday, Nov. 7
Various Downtown Locations
Begins Nov. 7th
State Theater
Saturday, Nov.9

Whisky Before Breakfast

London Grill

Friday, Nov. 8



Parish Theater
Begins Nov. 8
Radison Plaza
Friday, 6:30pm-10:30pm
Kalamazoo Valley Museum
Saturday, Nov. 9
Noon- 4:00pm
Kalamazoo Valley Museum


Upcoming Events
The Union Cabaret and Grill
November 14
The Civic
Begins  November 29
Bells Eccentric Cafe
November 30

Look Closer

Holiday Parade, Saturday
The Holiday Parade will be kicking off at 11:00 am this Saturday, November 9th. The streets will be filled with festive holiday music, floats, balloons & cheer, presented by Maple Hill Auto Group. Rumor has it that Mr. and Mrs. Clause will be on the Mall from 1-2pm! Visit here for more information.

Loaves and Fishes Food Drive
Looking to make this the biggest one-day food drive yet! On November 9th, we will be collecting non-perishable items during the Holiday Parade. Meijer has provided shopping carts that will be pushed by volunteers to collect donated items during the parade. Click here for more information.

Collected Stories 

The thought-provoking drama, “Collected Stories” written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Donald Margulies, will continue running at Farmers Alley Theatre, with the last show scheduled for November 17. has reviewed the play as, “Two women who take a funny, bitter-sweet stroll towards a harrowing unresolvable and emotional/intellectual conflict.” Click here to read the review by MLIVE.COM

Michigan Festival of Sacred Music
This bi-annual festival takes place in and around downtown Kalamazoo, including the Library and our beautiful, historic churches surrounding Bronson Park. The diversity of offerings is what makes this a wonderful festival, with a selection from almost every tradition. Check their website for more details.

 Blogs to Read

Be sure to check out our blog to read an article from Kathy Jennings on this week’s Michigan Festival of Sacred Music. Our blog also includes a post on Why Alamo Drafthouse is worthy of Kalamazoo. After reading about the Alamo, be sure to view our LOOK INSIDE: Alamo Sneak Peek.

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Artist Spotlight: Jon Reeves

Meet Jon Reeves.Jon Reeves 001Mr. Reeves has been living in Kalamazoo since 1989. Doing what you ask? Well, there is not one simple answer. As he would say, “It’s hard to define what I do.” Jon is a brilliantly artistic man that holds more jobs and has more talents than you can count on your own ten fingers. But, this is exactly how he likes it, because Jon doesn’t enjoy sitting.  He is a sculpture artist at the Park Trades studio, a professor at Kalamazoo College, and a musician. He works for theaters, companies, individuals, teaches private classes, and is a blacksmith. This all meaning that there is no “normal day” for Jon. He lives in a “7-day, no weekends, and definitely not a 9-5 job, kind of world.” Jon Reeves 004

Steel working is in Jon’s blood. Both his father and grandfather were steel workers. At the age of 14, Jon became a metal worker.  Unlike his father and grandfather, Jon decided to take the more artistic path, believing that it’s much more fun. Working for nonprofit, he realized early on that he would not be making billions. Instead, he gets to do something that he loves, “I knew everyday would be an adventure; entertaining, interesting, and fun. Not everyone can say that about their job”. Jon laughed and said, “Anyways, can you imagine me wearing a tie and sitting in an office all day?!” Jon Reeves 010

When he is not out and about working, Jon is found at his downtown loft, that his two cats graciously allow him to use. There Jon enjoys his “free-time” writing music with whatever instrument he feels like picking up. He finds recording music relaxing and easy. Wait, lets not forget that he writes music for theaters. So Jon, that means your “free-time” is actually spent working? He writes for about 2-3 shows a year, usually at the Civic but sometimes elsewhere such as Traverse City.

Jon Reeves can be found in his shop at the Park Trades building during every Art Hop. There you can witness Jon’s talent in action and purchase his work. He is a lover of Art Hop, he finds it to be a big plus because it’s where he gets to meet some of his contacts. It is highly recommended that you make a visit to Jon during Art Hop, even if it’s to stay warm by the fire…

The Park and Trades Center is located at 326 W Kalamazoo Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007. The phone number is (269) 345-3311. Art Hop is on the first Friday of every month.


August 26, 2013
Event Calendar
Union Cabaret & Grille
Wednesday, 9 pm
Bell’s Eccentric Cafe
Thursday, 9:30 pm
Shakespeare’s Pub
Thursday, 9pm
Bronson Park
Friday, 11 am
Old Dog Tavern
Saturday, 3 pm
Union Cabaret & Grille
Saturday, 9 pm
Kalamazoo Comedy Co.
Saturday, 9 pm
London Grill
Sunday, 4 pm
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Through August 31
Kalamazoo Valley Museum
Sept.1- Oct. 31
Upcoming Events
Throughout Downtown
September 6
LOOK INSIDE: Civic Theatre

Look Closer

Welcome Students 

Welcome all new and returning students to Downtown Kalamazoo! We are excited to see thousands of new faces, each getting ready start school next week. We wish all Cougars, Hornets and Broncos a great start to the semester! Connect to Downtown Kalamazoo via Twitter and Facebook. 

The Michigan Beer Film, September 14

Rhino Media Productions premiere’s their highly anticipated documentary The Michigan Beer Film on September 14th at the State Theatre. The documentary chronicles the explosive growth of the Michigan craft beer industry and takes a look at the challenges faced by brewers. Tickets are on sale now!

Grooving Grounds Festival, August 31
If you’re looking for a way to celebrate both the music and art scene in Kalamazoo in a festival with 30 different artists on two stages, then you’re in luck. Old Dog Tavern is holding the first Grooving Grounds Art and Music Festival on August 31st, featuring over 30 bands and artists, including some who will create work live. Click here for details. 

Reading Together

The Kalamazoo Public Library Reading Together program will feature two different books, each on the topic of food. The books are, The American Way

of Eating, and Farm City. Both authors have confirmed visits to Kalamazoo this upcoming spring. If you’d like to participate along with thousands of other Kalamazoo County residents, visit

Underground Railroad Exhibit

There’s a new exhibit at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. From Sept.1-Oct.31, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the archaeology of the Underground Railroad in southwest Michigan.

The programs were inspired by historical and archaeological investigations conducted in Cass County, MI. Click here for exhibit details. 

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