Back to School for Grownups

Fall semester is here and students are officially back in school this week, but who said learning isn’t for grownups? You can go back to school too, by taking advantage of the many classes offered throughout downtown, from yoga classes at Sangha Yoga, to glass blowing classes at the Kalamazoo Glass Art Center. You’re never too young or too old to learn new skills and continue down a path of lifelong learning.


When it comes to physical fitness, Sangha Yoga, Counterpoint Pilates and Body Love Project have you covered. Each facility offers classes throughout the year to meet your fitness needs. Head over to Counterpoint Pilates for a quick workout on your lunch break, Body Love Project for their Core-dio classes or head to Sangha Yoga after work for the stress relieving wonders of yoga.

Feeling artsy? However you’re feeling get this: taking art classes has been shown to encourage achievement in all KIAaspects of your life. You don’t need to be good at art, just simply allowing yourself to get lost in the creative process will help enhance problem solving skills and cultivate your senses. Sounds pretty good, right? You can get started right now by taking advantage of the many classes offered by the Kalamazoo Institute of Art this fall, including classes in photography, sculpture, creative writing and much more. Check out the KIA fall schedule for more information.

Art on a Whim, located inside the Park Trades Center, is offering 10 week long classes beginning after Labor Day. You can paint just about anything you want including furniture, floor cloths, wooden items, and they will teach you any style you’d like.


Do you like playing with fire? The West Michigan Glass Art Center offers classes in glassblowing, flameworking, kilnfusing and much more. Check out their website for a full list of classes and schedules.


Explore the art of creating handmade paper, prints and books at the Kalamazoo Book Art Center. Located inside the Park Trades Center, KBAC offers a wide array of workshops for all ages. Visit the KBAC website for more information on fall workshops.


Feeling adventurous? Head over to Climb Kalamazoo, southwest Michigan’s premier indoor rock climbing gym! The physical benefits of climbing are limitless, helping with cardiovascular health, muscle toning, and weight loss. Best of all it’s fun, rewarding, and you can brag to all of your friends about how awesome you’ve become at rock climbing!

Dancing is also another great health benefit and stress reliever. Take Wellspring  adult dance classes this fall and you’ll notice an increase in self confidence, improved health, and you’ll meet new people and make new friends! Find more dance class opportunities at The Station. 

If you’ve taken any of these classes, tell us about it. How did it benefit you and how did you manage to find time in your busy schedule? Your feedback will help encourage others to grow towards a more positive future and a fulfilling lifestyle. If there’s a class we forgot to mention that you’d like others to know about, leave a comment.


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