Al Fresco Dining Downtown

Summer is in full swing in downtown Kalamazoo, and what better way to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the breeze than a little ‘al fresco’ dining?


Old Dog Tavern outdoor seating

More than twenty downtown restaurants, coffee shops and pubs provide outdoor seating options for your dining pleasure.  Whether you are starting the day out with a coffee and pastry at Black Owl Café, taking the crew out for lunch at Old Dog Tavern, or winding down the day with table side guacamole and cocktails at Casa Bolero, there are plenty of options to choose from.



You can observe Michigan Avenue’s hubbub from Skydeck’s high vantage point, enjoy the peace and quiet of Bell’s beer garden, or choose something right in the middle at Mangia Mangia. Check out the brand new patio seating at the Union Cabaret and Grill, or head back to an old standby like Shakespeare’s Pub.  From Up & Under all the way down to Harvey’s on the Mall, every corner of downtown has a comfortable spot to enjoy a bite to eat in the fresh air.  You can even enjoy Plainwell ice cream for dessert at the Spirit of Kalamazoo’s colorful tables, tucked into a cozy corner on Portage Street.


Spirit of Kalamazoo outdoor patio

LOOK OUTSIDE: Downtown Kalamazoo Patio Tour


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